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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any Costs associated with selling my Car.

No, there are not any fees or charges associated with selling your vehicle to GWS Buys Cars.

2. My vehicle is still under Finance, what happens next?

We can talk you through how to make a final payment with your financier. Or alternatively, we can make the final payment on your behalf and arrange settlement. All we require from yourself is a valid payout letter from your financier.

3. Can you tell me how long the process will take?

We can have a turnaround time of 48 hours. It really depends on your availability, and the workload of our valuations team.

4. What if my Car is owned by a Company or not in my name?

Company Name:
If you are selling on behalf of a company. You will need authorization from the company Directors, on Company Letterhead. In addition, we will need copies of both yours and the Directors Photo ID.

Other paperwork may be required at time of sale which will discuss with you when we view your vehicle.

Not Registered in your name:
If the car is in the name of another private individual, we will require photo ID of the registered owner as well as written consent from the vehicle’s owner. The registered owner will also need to sign the transfer paperwork.

Vehicle owned by a Deceased Estate:
If the vehicle is owned by a deceased estate and the will names you as the executor of the estate, you can legally sell the car.

Vehicles we purchase

We purchase all makes and models from 2010 up to 120,000 kilometres.

Below is a selection of brands that we specialise in.

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